Project Management - Clarity PPM


This course will provide an overview of Clarity PPM Project Management functionality.
Topics include:
* Overview
+ What is Project Management
+ Clarity PPM Terms and Definitions
* Managing Projects
+ Accessing Projects and Applying Custom Filters
+ Creating Projects (New vs. New From Template)
+ Accessing & Updating Project Properties and Subpages
* The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
+ Work Breakdown Structure Overview
+ The Tasks Tab
+ Gantt View Overview
+ Creating Tasks Using the Gantt View
+ Gantt View Timescale and Configuration
* Staffing the Team
+ The Four A’s: Availability, Allocation, Assignments, and Actuals
+ Booking Statuses
+ Adding Resources and Roles
+ Using In-line Editing to Update Team Information
* Assignment to Task
+ What is Estimate to Complete (ETC)?
+ Assigning Roles / Resources to Tasks
+ Replacing a Role with a Resource

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