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The Project Close Process workflow process aides the Project Manager in some routine close out tasks that accompany every project. Marking the project inactive starts the process and it will continue down one of two paths:

1. Once the project is inactive, the process will then check to see if there is no remaining estimate to complete (ETC) still on the project. If there is ETC leftover, then the process will go into a waiting state for 14 days to allow the project manager to cleanup or to cancel the process if it was done in error. After 14 days, the process will check to see if the project is active. If the project is active, then the process will end. However, if the project is still inactive, the process will continue with the closeout activities even if there is ETC still on the project.
2. If the project is marked inactive after the initial 14 days of waiting if applicable, then the process will immediately move to the closeout activities.

The closeout activities include:
• Turning off time entry for the project, tasks and project members
• Updates the ETC, proposed ETC, and pending estimates to 0
• Updates the task status and assignment status to Completed
• Sets the task, assignment and project finish dates to today’s date only if the finish dates are after the process run date
• Sets all Risks and Issues to Closed with a resolution of “## This was closed automatically as part of the project close process ##”
• Set future hard allocation and allocation finish dates to today when the date is after today’s date

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